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04/11/18 - Used kayaks sale pages updated
with more boats coming online soon. See both Used Kayaks pages. Some of these kayaks are also currently listed on eBay

25/03/18 - Special Spring 2018 offer on GRAM split Greenland paddles Free shipping to mainland UK addresses! Offer ends 3rd April 2018. See details of offer on Home page

02/12/17 - Urgent sale - Klepper Aerius I 490 replacement skin (new).
Details here

19/11/17 - new 'kid on the block' - Neris SMART Series of kayaks. Unique hybrids that can either be paddled as a canoe with bench seats or as a kayak with inflatable floor seats. A cross between a folding kayak and an inflatable kayak. Starting with SMART-2 here

17/11/17 - new range of Greenland paddles added - Gram Kajak paddles. In 2-3 piece in both wood and carbon versions. Appearing on the 'New Paddles' page here

16/05/17 - Next show day - Beale Park Boat Show 2nd - 4th June 2017. On display will be boats from Neris, Wayland and ZelGear, plus other brands, replacement skins and accessories. Details

02/03/17 - Product Videos page added. Videos of some of the listed folding kayaks ... see here

05/02/17 - Wayland Mk II Formoza 550 SOF military kayak, and the single seater version Mk I Achilli 500XL now included to the range

04/02/17 - 2 seater ZelGear added
These nimble crafts do provide better excitement than whitewater rafts and pack rafts! See Catarafts


Exclusive UK dealer for the following brands:-

We are a specialist team that previously was an exclusive folding kayak brand dealer in the UK with several years experience. We now have added a multi-brand on line store to better serve a growing UK market with a wider range of foldable small craft - from "Klepper" type of kayaks, to lightweight canoes plus related accessories.

NERIS - foldable alu framed kayaks

ZelGear - inflatable kayaks and catarafts (catamaran rafts)

MyCanoe - origami concept open foldable canoe and dinghy

WaveDesign - carbon paddles including Greenlands

Wayland Folding Kayaks - traditional foldable wood framed kayaks


Can we paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a license to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Websites page.



Meaning / explanation of some of the kayak parts used on this site

Cross ribs / braces / cross members - cross pieces fixed at right angles to the central keel, forming the hull shape / profile.

Boomerang - rear washboard piece. This can also refer to the removable cross piece on some rudder assemblies (steering lines are attached to this).

Gunwales / side ladders - longitudinal bow to stern frame members, along the upper edge of the hull.

Keel / Keel board - the central bottom frame member forming the main spine of the kayak frame.

Keel strips - protective strips on the underside of the hull, from bow to stern. Positioned along the bottom longitudinal frame members - the edges of the central keel board and lowest stringers. Made of the same material as used for the hull itself. Used on TPU, CSM / Hypalon hulls. Used on the Wayland folding kayaks / replacement skins.

Keelsons - protective strips on the underside of the hull, from bow to stern. Positioned along where the bottom longitudinal frame members and lowest stringers are. Made of profiled rubber. Used on the NERIS PVC folding kayaks / replacement skins.

Rudder hanger bracket
- the fitting on the rear of the kayak that the rudder assembly attaches to.

Sponsons - bow to stern inflatable tubes positioned along the gunwales. Is integrated as part of the kayak skin on the inside. Sponsons are inflated as the last step in the kayak assembly process, tightening the kayak skin over the entire frame. Sponsons also provide buoyancy.

Stringers / poles / longerons
- longitudinal bow to stern frame members, between the central floor keel board / ladder and the upper gunwales / side ladders.

Washboard / coaming - raised frame member that forms the kayak's cockpit

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